I would like to share with you a little wonder I recently knew.
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Grandpa passed away on 30th March 2011. I did not dream of him until last Thursday night (19th January 2012). Many people have told me that our dearest relatives would come back to visit us in our dreams after they passed away. I had been hoping that Grandpa would have come into my dreams too, for quite a long time.

In that dream, I saw him standing in the light, preparing a blue car. And it seemed that he was about to set off for an exciting journey. He looked happy and cheerful. I was happy too. That was his happy face and voice I remembered. His white hairs glistened in the bright sunshine.

After I woke up, I felt happy about it.

However, on the morning of 22nd (GMT, since I was in London then), I got my Mum’s phone call about the news that Grandma passed away in peace. I didn’t feel shocked, as I’ve been notified by Mum that Grandma’s health condition was declining. It’s a bittersweet twisted feeling. On one hand, I don’t want her to leave us; on the other hand, I know that one day this would come.

I had been expected a dream too. Maybe she would come to say goodbye, since I’ve always self-claimed to be her favourite. On the first night, she didn’t show up. I thought, ‘maybe London is too far; maybe I was staying in a hotel which she wouldn’t know.’ I was a little dissapointed. On the second night (23rd), she came into my dream.

In my dream, she was smiling. Her grey hairs, too, glistened in the bright light. And then I also saw my Grandpa. He’s taking Grandma for a journey with that car he was busy preparing the other night in another dream. They seemed happy. And they seemed that they have a lot to catch up after this almost one-year separation.

I woke up the next morning feeling comfortable. The feeling was so warm that I felt like waking up from my Grandma’s arms as a chile.

I told my Mum about these two dreams later on the early morning on 25th. Then, my Mum told me that on 18th, they went to visit Grandpa in the cemetery where his ashes rested. There, they sent a nice house with garden and two cars to him in Chinese custom. One of the cars was actually a blue car.

I guess, and in a way I realise that maybe they have a date. They will again set off an exciting journey together, just like what they had done 73 years ago.

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